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Leisure cruise licence

In order to comply with existing law, a boat licence is required for any form of navigation in a craft of over 6 CV.
The minimum age requirement to obtain such a licence is 16 years.

Coastal maritime licence:

This is the equivalent of the former French Permis A Licence. You may navigate by day or by night. There is no limit on the maximum size or power of the motor. Navigation is possible to within 6 nautical miles of shelter. This is an international licence which gives access to driving water scooters or jet skis on any sea or lake around the world.
12 hours training of which 3 Hours on a boat. Difficulty level of the exam is very reasonable.

Deep sea licence:

Formerly known as the Permis B licence. This licence opens the door to long distance cruising. You can circumnavigate the globe – there are no limits on distance. Navigation can be by night or day and there are no maximum limits on the size and power of the motor.

Le C.R.R.: Radio operation licence:

You may have and use a maritime VHF radio.