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How to apply

Please send in your completed application to the address below AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE taking the theory section of the exam: OCTOPUSSY - 9 boulevard Louis Blanc - 83990 SAINT TROPEZ - FRANCE.

Coastal Maritime licence

  • Recent Passport photo
  • Photopcopy of your ID (cover and inside page of passport, front and back of card ID)
  • Medical certificate dated within the past six months
    (a downloadable template is available by clicking here
  • A stamped SAE (self addressed envelope)
  • An application form (download : see botton of the pagehere)
  • 30 € to cover registration - Private organization
  • A tax stamp (which can be purchased from most tabaconists/ cafes) with a face value of 78 € for the official certificate

Buy your tax stamps...

 Application form

 Physical aptitude template for Maritime Licence candidates

Deep Sea Licence

  • The original of your coastal maritime licence
  • Recent passport photo
  • 38 € (which can be purchased from most tobacconists/ cafés) to cover registration
  • Two stamped SAEs

Buy your tax stamps...

 Application form

Organismes pour le passage du Permis Côtier



Radio operation licence

  • Two passport photos with surname and first names written on the back
  • Application form (can be downloaded via the link below)
  • Front and back copy of ID card or front and inside copy of passport
  • Proof of legal resident status for non-EU applicants

 Application for a Radio operation licence

Free of charge download of Acrobat reader to be able to view documents: